Johnny Depp’s supporters are accusing Amber Heard of ‘fake crying’ during her testimony after watching the televised trial. Some of them even were convinced of her authenticity but the majority were not ready to believe her.

Amber Heard spent the last two days detailing the kind of abuse she faced during her marriage. She claims that her former spouse slapped her across the face and did a “cavity search,” since he thought she hid cocaine inside her.

Heard often broke down during her testimony while she answered questions about her disturbed marriage. Some of the viewers believed her and #IStandWithAmberHeard started trending on Twitter.

On the other hand, Johnny’s supporters slammed Heard for faking her testimony since there were no tears in her eyes. “OMG I’m DYING. Amber Heard is the worst actor EVER. This fake incoherent PERFORMANCE is sickening… All over the place, too many details, fake sighs, forced tears and looks to the jury.. This is an EMBARASSMENT to survivors everywhere,” tweeted Andy Signore, who has 45,700 followers.

Another user tweeted, “I watched a little of the Amber Heard testimony today. How does someone cry without tears? Is it a medical condition? Whenever I cry or see someone else crying, it’s a real mess that requires multiple tissues if not a small mop.”

“I’m watching amber heard testify. this woman is putting on the performance of her life. how the hell is she acting as though shes crying mid explanation and not a single tear is in sight, it all just feels so fake and transparent and dramatic.. just feels really weird to watch,” wrote @abrownscot on Twitter.

However, one body language expert, Judi James believes that Heard would most likely be avoiding eye contact if she was faking her testimony. The expert also said that the fact that the actress did not produce tears does not imply dishonesty.

The cameras made it hard to pick out if they [tears] had formed in her eyes or if her eyes had reddened. This, like everything, is a complicated point,” James told The Daily Mail. “When guilty people perform tears they often try to hide their dry eyes, poking them with fingers, squeezing them shut tight or prodding them with a handkerchief. When they do cry for real the streaming tears are often prompted by self-pity. Amber’s seemed to be truncated, but is that acting or bad acting or the innocent complex response of someone with mixed emotions?” she added.

The body language expert also said that Heard’s eye contact could actually be a sign of her transparency. “The jury also gets to see her eyes and eyes tend to be considered one of the most revealing body parts in terms of inner feelings and emotions,” James stated.

Depp is suing Heard for defamation over a 2018 Washington Post op-ed that Heard wrote, in which she said that she said she was a victim of sexual violence.

Depp has filed a lawsuit and is claiming $50 million in damages and Heard was now filed for a $100 million countersuit. Take a look at what Twitter users have to say about Heard’s ‘fake crying.’ Also, keep checking back with Thirsty for more!

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