Asian Doll is recognized for a variety of things. She has received a storm of abuse from drill rappers and online trolls since claiming herself as the “Queen of Drill” in April.

The rapper, who is from Texas but now represents and lives in the Bronx, has enraged many New Yorkers with her drill music, and they have officially asked her to leave. On Wednesday, New York City citizens launched a GoFundMe campaign to send Asian Doll “back to Texas, where she came from.”

“The entire NYC is highly concerned that Asian Doll may be stranded in New York. We have all come together to help Sandy find her way out of the Bikini Bottom Bronx Hopping and back to Texas where she came from. This individual has been mimicking, damaging and degrading our rap and drill culture and we demand an end to all of this ridiculousness. ITS TIME TO GO HOME SANDY!!!!!”

Asian Doll replied on her social media after hearing about the GoFundMe, which has surprisingly raised $10,000 so far. “Dam, y’all hate on me so bad EVERYDAY & I don’t not give 1fuck,” she wrote on Twitter.

“I be going viral for getting hated on for getting MONEY & Putting mfs on lol f*ck it im balling.”

Asian Doll’s behavior has enraged many people and not just New Yorkers. Katie Got Bandz, a Chicago drill musician, got into a heated argument with King Von’s former flame Asian Doll in April after she made her “Queen of Drill” claims, and Asian Doll wasn’t having it.

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Smita Singha Roy

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