Amber just described the first time they went to the Met Gala together in 2014, saying it became physical. Amber claimed that at some point during the ball, Johnny began accusing her of flirting with a woman, and that when they returned to their hotel, he roughed her up. She informed the jury Johnny shoved her and hurled a bottle at her, which smashed into a chandelier.

Amber claimed she shoved back, and their fight moved to the living room, where he pushed her down on a sofa and whacked her in the face, causing what she thought was a broken nose. Amber also described arguments she had with Johnny about James Franco while she was filming a movie with James, which she claimed became physical.

She told the jury about a verbal and psychical altercation she had with Johnny on a plane in 2014, claiming Johnny began questioning her about James, asking if Franco used his tongue during a kissing scene. Amber claims Johnny reeked of weed and booze, and he became very vulgar, calling her a “slut” in front of his assistants and security, humiliating her.

Amber Heard is giving her second day of testimony, telling the jury that Johnny Depp called her a “nagging bitch” and a “c***.” Amber told jurors that a year into their relationship, it was clear to her that Johnny had a severe substance abuse problem, passing out, becoming ill, and losing control.


She described an incident in which Johnny allegedly attempted to burn a painting and accused her of having an affair with a musician. Johnny, she claimed, was high on cocaine and not eating or sleeping at the time. Amber claims that in 2013, during a press junket for “The Lone Ranger” in Tokyo, she called him out on drinking in front of his children, and he became upset that she was judging him.

Since her testimony began on Wednesday, Heard has expressed a variety of emotions on the stand, ranging from sadness and happiness to anger. She went into detail about Depp allegedly searching her for drugs, getting physical with her, and even how they first met, including their first kiss on the set of “The Rum Diary.” Depp arrived in court on Thursday dressed like a rock star, with fans greeting him and holding flowers and posters to show their support.

As he walked inside, Depp waved, touched his heart, and thanked them. It’s unclear how long Heard will be on the stand but her testimony and allegations will almost certainly be more explosive. We’ll be reporting the entire event so keep your eyes peeled for more.

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