Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for defamation in connection with a 2018 op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post about surviving domestic violence, despite the fact that she never mentioned Depp by name in the article. The $50 million lawsuit was originally filed in March 2019 by the Pirates of the Caribbean actor. It seems Heard recently revealed that Depp couldn’t control his bowes.

Amber Heard testified about Johnny Depp’s alleged substance abuse problems, claiming he became so addicted that he’d lose control of his bowels. Most recently, Heard took the stand in a Fairfax County, Virginia, courtroom and began crying as she described how much she once loved Depp.

He’d pass out in his own vomit. He’d lose control of his body, he’d lose control and everyone would clean up after him. This man lost control of his bowels and I cleaned up after him.

She wasn’t the only one, according to reports. Heard also claimed that his security team would be in charge of cleaning up. The Aquaman actress also addressed an alleged incident with a flight attendant, whom she claimed Depp persuaded to do MDMA with them in the middle of a flight.

His security cleaned up after him, changed his pants in front of me. He’d pass out in his own sick and then he’d walk around saying he didn’t have a problem – until he did. Until he couldn’t support it and he’d get clean and he’d get sober and then he was this thing again.

Heard claimed that once the drugs kicked in, Depp became agitated when the attendant became “friendly with me.” She claimed that after the Pirates of the Caribbean actor told the flight attendant not to touch Heard, he grabbed her wrist, slammed it on the table, and threatened to break it.

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