AEW will soon be getting a new reality show on the Turner family of networks. The show is expected to follow AEW Dynamite and will be a backstage, behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of Tony Khan’s promotion. Many fans took the upcoming series as a positive sign that Discovery is willing to stick with wrestling after their merger with WarnerMedia.

That might not be the case. Before him leaving for WWE, Cody Rhodes had his own reality show, ‘Rhodes to the Top.’ When Cody departed from AEW, the show was not picked up for a second season. That left a time slot for an AEW reality series that no longer existed. On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that the new AEW show was greenlit before the merger, so it might not be indicative of anything.

“The gist of the show is that it’s going to be backstage at AEW and how they plan things and it’s going to be interviews and things building to pay-per-views and the backdrop of how they make the pay-per-views and the matches and things like that, building up the different major pay-per-view shows. But, it probably will be reality show format, kind of like Rhodes to the Top, in the sense that they’ll be building up stuff that was months ago as opposed to building up the current show. I think that’s what’ll happen.

In some ways, it sounds similar to the Formula One show on Netflix, which has led to a big increase in popularity of Formula One in the United States to the point that they’re running these races at 9 AM that are doing the same kind of numbers as Dynamite or Raw. In the same range as Dynamite and Raw, except it’s at 9 AM on Sunday morning and 6 AM Pacific time on Sunday morning.


It’s good news. Some people are trying to make it as better news than it really is, in the sense that it’s like, see, they’re looking at adding another show so therefore Discovery is all fine with this, when in reality this was all greenlit long before Discovery. It’s just filling the time slot, most likely, of Rhodes to the Top, which was already greenlit, so it’s basically a replacement for another wrestling show as opposed to adding new content. I know they were working on other stuff. There are different shows in development. So, they could be adding more stuff, which could be a good sign, but that’s the basic gist.”

AEW’s new show sounds like a very interesting concept. With that said, it was given the go-ahead before Discovery came into the picture. There is still a lot of uncertainty about how the new management will want to approach wrestling going forward.

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Michael Perry

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