Chris Rock hasn’t really talked about the Oscars fiasco that unfolded during the 94th Academy Awards ceremony. He might allude to the incident, but never actually addresses it. It seems he made a not-so-subtle joke about it recently at the Netflix is a Joke festival after Dave Chappelle was attacked.

A video that circulated online and was confirmed by ABC News which showed a chaotic scene outside the Hollywood Bowl following the show. Police and medics loaded a person into an ambulance. The incident occurred near the end of the sixth night of the 11-day Netflix Is A Joke Fest, which runs until May 8th and features over 130 performers at various Los Angeles venues.

Chris Rock, who had performed earlier in the evening, joined Chappelle on stage moments after the attack and joked, “Was that Will Smith?” Chris Rock is also not going to forgive Will Smith after what he did, but he still has yet to properly open up about the incident.

Rock even said that he wants money to talk about it, which led to 50 Cent making an amusing joke about the situation. His mother Rose Rock, spoke about the incident during an interview with South Carolina’s WISNEWS10 and revealed that the incident not only affected Chris but her as well.


At the 94th Academy Awards last month, actor Will Smith walked on stage and slapped comedian Chris Rock across the face after the comedian made a joke about Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, during his Best Documentary Feature presentation. Since then, the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has barred Smith from attending any academy event, including the Oscars, for a period of ten years.

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