Eminem is regarded as one of the most prominent rappers of all time. The Detroit rapper has a long list of accomplishments behind him. Pusha T recently claimed he has no beef with Eminem.

Pusha T claimed that he and Eminem have no beef after fans misinterpreted lyrics from his new album, It’s Almost Dry. During a new interview on The Morning Hustle, Push played down rumors that he dissed the legendary rapper. When asked which rappers he could’ve “killed lyrically” if they’d ever fought, he refused to say.

I can’t. Listen, I don’t even want to put the energy out there. I saw just recently on Twitter people saying myself and Eminem. I’m like, bro! It was a misinterpretation of something I don’t even remember. Something I said or whatever. But you know, people decode, and they have their own thing. And I was like, ‘Nah, man! Em is somebody that I respect. He’s one of them people that I really like what he does because, after all of his success, I can still find Lyricist Lounge Eminem. That’s a goal for me, personally.

Push was not the only rapper who refused to diss Eminem on It’s Almost Dry. He also recently explained why he didn’t include any Drake references in the project, claiming that the feud “was such a dated thing to me.” Despite the fact that he used to be centered around drama, it’s not the same anymore.


Whether it’s Drake stuff or whatever, it’s all over. Push told Power 106 Los Angeles, earlier this week. “Like, I don’t run from it, I don’t hide from it. Whatever. I specifically didn’t put that energy on this album, because it’s like, the album was going so good and that was such a dated thing to me. That was 2018!” Watch Pusha T’s interview with The Morning Hustle below.

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