Eminem is regarded as one of the most prominent rappers of all time. The Detroit rapper has a long list of accomplishments behind him. For quite some time, the hip-hop world has been in mourning over the death of legendary hero DJ Kay Slay. Eminem intervened with a personal message and a memorial broadcast on his radio station.

Keith Grayson, aka DJ Kay Slay, died on April 17th, 2022, at the age of 55, after a four-month battle with COVID-19. There was no hip hop artist who did not mourn the loss of DJ Kay Slay, a giant of a man. Marshall, who hasn’t used his social media accounts for personal statements in a long time, took to Twitter to announce a special show that Shade45 was putting together to honor and commemorate Kay Slay’s legacy.

R.I.P. Legend. We will miss you.

And for the program, Em recorded a message:


Yo, this is Eminem. Just wanted to say rest in peace to one of our family members here on Shade45, Kay Slay, the Drama King, who’s been with us since the beginning. It was an honor to know you, bro. On behalf of everybody here at the station just wanna say it to the legend: Drama King, we love you, bro. We’re gonna miss you. Rest in peace, my friend.

Wack 100 has confirmed Kay’s passing on Sunday, April 17. They announced that he lost his life to Covid 19, four months after he was hospitalized. Silk shared with the outlet, “Hip Hop lost a real gem,” before adding, “My dear brother is gone. I’ve known him since he was 16 years old. He was my little brother. I introduced him to many and we did a lot of things together.” Check out the tweets and videos below.

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