Australian rap sensation Iggy Azalea has certainly made a name for herself in the Hip-Hop industry over the years. she is known for her cinematic music videos as well. Iggy Azalea is a sultry mama. Not long after debuting her incredible new tattoo of her young son, Onyx, the Australian recording artist is showing off for Instagram once more, this time for her bodacious booty.

Just recently, the 31-year-old reposted a brief clip to her story in which she is seen twerking while her friend films her. She left little to the imagination in a pair of black, cutout-covered leggings.

Vegas gets the lazy twerk.

If you listen closely, you can hear her friends joking, “That’s what the movie Interstellar is based on,” as they watch her cheeks move. “I can’t,” a male voice says at the end, after we see the “Fancy” hitmaker stick her tongue in the side of her mouth.


While things appear to be going well for her now, at the end of April, she accused American Airlines of stranding her and Onyx at the airport, claiming that her seat was sold while the gate was still open and that she was not given her luggage. Despite her rant, the flight company has cleared their name, claiming that Azalea allegedly arrived at the airport just 30 minutes before her flight took off, which is why she didn’t make it on board. Check out her video below.

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