Drake has collaborated with Future since 2011, and their most recent songs have topped the charts and amassed a large number of streams. So it’s only natural that Future would include Drake on his upcoming album, I Never Liked You. In one of the songs, “I’m On One,” Drake makes a few notable references that are aimed especially at soccer fans worldwide.

The lyrics in Drake and Future’s song “I’m On One” mention footballing GOATs Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, and football enthusiasts on Twitter were quick to pick up on the references. Drake starts off by rapping about Cristiano Ronaldo, and the words are a little filthy.

“Take her to see Cristiano, f**k her in that Benz Viano Champions League, shit, there’ll be a driver for you on arrival.”

Drake brings up Leo Messi just a few tracks later. The Argentinian is portrayed as a reference to the ambition to achieve his goals.

“I’m just all about my goals like I’m Messi.”

Drake has previously rapped about Cristiano Ronaldo. In his 2018 song “Blue Tint,” he mentioned the soccer legend.

Other athletes included in the Drake x Future collaboration are Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps and Russian ice hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. The new album features 16 songs, with “I’m On One” serving as the collection’s last track. However, football fans can check out the new track below.

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