Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for $50 million. Heard is suing him for $100 million in retaliation. Amber Heard revealed to her close friend/agent Christian Carino that she never truly loved Elon Musk and even attempted to rekindle her relationship with Johnny Depp a year after their bitter divorce.

The CAA talent agent appeared in court via pre-recorded deposition recently. Carino is a Hollywood Whig who represents everyone from Justin Bieber to Reese Witherspoon. He was previously engaged to Lady Gaga.

Carino first met Heard, but later became friends with Depp. At one point, he represented both. The deposition was used by Depp’s attorney to question the agent about how Heard’s allegations of abuse affected the actor’s career. He testified that the accusations cost him lucrative roles in films such as Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

Depp sued Heard, accusing her of fabricating the abuse allegations that led to his exclusion from Hollywood. His lawsuit seeks $50 million in monetary damages. She denied fabricating her claims and filed a countersuit for $100 million. Carino was later questioned about Depp’s behavior on the set of Pirates 5. Heard’s attorney asked the agent if Depp was having trouble showing up to set on time.

Carino admitted Depp was late, but that was nothing new. He stated that it was a common occurrence for the actor throughout his career. He denied that Depp’s tardiness caused problems on set because the crew was aware of the situation. Carino stated that he no longer has friendships with either party.

He stopped speaking to the actor after he left CAA, and he also stopped speaking to Heard, but he couldn’t recall the date. The agent stated that he harbors no ill will toward either party. Carino revealed a secret meeting between Depp and Heard two months after her restraining order was filed during his deposition.

Heard had asked for the meeting and agreed not to charge Depp with violating the court order. The two, along with Carino, met at one of his friend’s San Francisco home. For several hours, the ex-couple met outside. The session was then relocated to a hotel, where the two fought in front of the agent.

During his deposition, Carino was shown a text exchange. Heard sent the messages in August 2017, expressing her sadness over her breakup with Elon Musk. Amber and Elon dated for a year before calling it quits in August 2017. They reconciled months later, but split up again in early 2018. After the initial breakup, Heard expressed her sadness to Carino. Carino claimed the actress told him she was “filling space” with the tech tycoon.

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