Soleil Moon Frye is an American actress, director, producer, and screenwriter. She began her career as a child actor at the age of two. When she was seven, Frye won the role of Penelope “Punky” Brewster in the NBC sitcom Punky Brewster and that set her in pop culture. It seems she also made out like a bandit in her divorce.

Soleil Moon Frye’s Punky Brewster residuals will soon be supplemented. Radar learned that the 45-year-old actress recently finalized her divorce from her longtime husband, film producer Jason Goldberg. She was awarded nearly $40k per month in spousal support.

Moon Frye will receive $18,996 per month in spousal support and $17,281 per month in child support for their four minor children, according to legal documents obtained by The Blast. The actress was also awarded a one-time equalization payment of $631k for the former couple’s Los Angeles community property.

Moon Frye and Goldberg also reached an agreement with Punky Brewster. The actress, who played Punky Brewster in the 1980s sitcom, will continue to receive residual payments for the original show, but her ex-husband will receive half of the reboot’s residuals. The executives added a clause to their contract.


No spousal support shall be payable on any income either party earns over $2 million in a year. By way of example, if Respondent earns $2.4 million in a year, his income shall be capped at S2 million for the purpose of determining spousal support owed to Petitioner.

In terms of material possessions, Moon Frye and Goldberg agreed that the actress would keep their swanky SoHo House membership. She’ll also be driving the family’s Chevy Suburban. Goldberg will be leaving their marriage to the Land Rover. Moon Frye also got the dog, but it will be shuttled to her ex’s house on weekends when he has their children.

Moon Frye and Goldberg included a novel clause about new lovers. The two agreed in their divorce settlement that prior to introducing any romantic partner to The Children, that parent shall advise the other parent of their intention, the name of the person, and when that parent intends to introduce The Children to their romantic partner.

They also agreed that neither parent would substantially alter the appearance of the children without the written consent of the other, which includes tattoos, piercings, radical haircuts, dyed hair, or cosmetic surgery. After 22 years of marriage, Moon Frye filed for divorce from Goldberg in 2020.

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