Johnny Depp is suing his ex-wife for $50 million, claiming she lied when accusing him of physical abuse. Amber is suing for $100 million in defamation, claiming he orchestrated a smear campaign against her. It seems ugly stories keep surfacing one after another.

In yet another chapter in Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s toxic relationship, new audio accuses Johnny of using Amber as his personal ashtray. The audio was played in court recently, the fourth day of Depp’s testimony. While there is no visual evidence in this case, Amber Heard’s lawyer noted that Johnny does not deny burning her with a cigarette.

Put your f-cking cigarettes out on someone else … you f-cking have consequences for your actions.

In the audio, Depp simply responds, “shut up, fat-ss”. Depp denied throwing a cigarette at Heard or using her to put one out during cross-examination. This is the most recent damning claim to emerge from the ongoing trial. Amber’s attorney played another audio clip in which Amber says, “After you beat the sh*t out of me then a week later you show up at my doorstep.”

In a latest update from TMZ, Amber uttered she’s going to die during yet another heated argument with Johnny. While Depp was on the stand, her legal team played an audio recording of the altercation in court.

“I’m gonna die! You’re causing me so much stress”

Heard was pleading with him to stop fighting with her and instead engage in a normal argument He agreed that they needed some space and hired a driver to take her back to their downtown Los Angeles home. Johnny stated that she did not appear to be in any shape to drive. Depp also said on the recording, “This isn’t true love. This is not a happy state.”

Depp began his testimony last week by stating that, despite Amber’s claims, he had never hit her and that he was in court to seek the truth no matter what. It’s been a total brawl in court, with both sides making explosive accusations against the other, and it looks like it’ll only get worse.

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