Chicago Bears wide receiver Bryon Pringle was arrested on Saturday in Florida. Police say that they caught him doing donuts in his sports car on a suspended license, with a child present in the car.

According to TMZ Sports, Police say that Pringle was uncooperative and was, “verbally confrontational” with them. This is obviously not a good look as Pringle is now in a long line of recent NFL arrests.

The former Kansas State wide receiver was pulled over by Florida Highway Patrol at around 6 PM in his Orange 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. an FHP officer says he witnessed the car burning rubber, and he was doing donuts on a public road.

The sports car has over 700 HP and has a top speed of 200 MPH. The starting price of the car is around $65k. He is not one to skimp on his ride, and he drives hard as well.


The police say that there were two passengers in the car, Bryon was driving along with a male child in the rear seat. According to reports, the kid was Pringle’s son. It was found that Bryon’s license was under suspension after the police checked it.

Bryon was taken into custody at 6:15 PM, he was taken to the county jail. He was arrested for Reckless Driving and driving on a suspended license.

Pringle, who is 28, spent the first four seasons of his NFL career with the Kansas City Chiefs, but this season he signed a contract with the Chicago Bears. During his time at Kansas, he has 50 career catches for 710 yards and six touchdowns. He also has 871 return yards and a touchdown.

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