Flo Milli is setting some boundaries with her fans. The Alabama native singer has produced many hits like “In The Party,” “May I,” and “Not Friendly, ” and she enjoys seeing fans in the audience having a good time and turning up at her shows. That being said, they can leave their blow in the car.

Despite her appreciation of fans, she’s not thrilled with some of their habits. She’s not happy with watching them snort lines from up on stage.

On Sunday, 24rth April, she took to her Twitter account and wrote, “Aye, y’all gotta stop snorting that shit while I’m on stage,” probably she was referring to cocaine use among crowds at her concerts. “It be throwing me off!! [Please] do yo line [before] I get there.”

Many of Milli’s fans, with about 460k followers, were surprised and disappointed after finding out what goes on at her shows. One user responded to the initial post, “They doing booger sugar while [you] on stage?!??”


“Lmao pretty bad when the artist tells you this,” and “Off the powder at the Flo Milli show is crazy,” added another. Another user took her warning one step further, screenshotting her initial post and saying, “Aye, y’all gotta stop snorting that shit,” also adding “Fixed it for you.”

Earlier this year, JT of the City Girls gave Milli flowers, crowning her. as the upcoming star of their, “favorite new woman in rap.” Many people have reacted on Twitter after finding out that some of Milli’s fans have been doing cocaine at the show.

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Sanchari Ghosh

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