JT is reflecting on one of the darkest periods of her life. When the City Girls were on the verge of blowing up, JT turned herself into the police in June 2018 to serve nearly two-year imprisonment on credit card fraud charges. However, JT recently discussed the influence her stint in prison had on her.

During a recent appearance on Spotify’s Abolition X podcast, JT shared her experiences in prison with hosts Vic Mensa, Indigo Mateo, and Richie Reseda.

“Prison, it gave me the sense of, like, edge that I got, but it did put a lot of fear in me, too. It put a lot of anxiety in me. It changed me… completely. I used to be so outspoken, I didn’t give a fuck what I said.

And then when I got out, it went from being free to say what you wanna say, to if you say the wrong thing you on The Shade Room. [If you] say the wrong thing, they paint you as this person, so it’s like I have to bottle up who I am to the world, because they can’t handle who I am.”


Despite the toll prison took on her, JT was able to discover a few bright spots throughout her time there. While behind the prison, she was able to make strong friendships.

“I found a sense of sisterhood in prison. I met so many girls who made me feel welcome, who made me feel at home. I made great friends in prison, to the point that some days I didn’t feel like I was in prison.”

JT has been enjoying her independence since reuniting with her partner Yung Miami as the City Girls, dating Lil Uzi Vert, and ridiculing Yung Miami’s rumored relationship with Diddy. However, you can listen to JT’s full conversation on the Abolition X podcast below.

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