Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are one of Hollywood’s most famous teams. Despite being forever associated due to their close friendship, the pair has only written two films together. The third will be an ambitious look into the relationship between NBA great Michael Jordan and Nike.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that the movie will be produced for Amazon Studios. The picture began as a spec script that was picked up by Affleck and Damon. It tells the story of a struggling shoe company’s pursuit of Michael Jordan as their spokesperson.

Damon will play former Nike exec, Sonny Vaccaro. Ben Affleck will portray Nike co-founder Phil Knight. The movie will follow the effort to land Jordan as the spokesman for Nike. That effort famously led to massive popularity for both the Nike and Jordan brands.

At the time Nike signed Michael Jordan, they were the third-ranked shoe company. A relentless effort to sign Jordan ultimately put the company on top. It will be heavily based on the 2015 ESPN 30 for 30 documenty, Sole Man, which told the story of Sonny Vaccaro.


Currently, the script is being reworked by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. It will be the first time a feature written by Affleck stars Damon. This will be the team’s third feature film collaboration.

There is no timeline for production. Right now, Ben and Matt are working on ironing out the script. The story is there to be told. Affleck and Damon think they’re just the guys to do it.

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Michael Perry

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