Tamara Lynn Sytch, better known by her ring name Sunny, rose to prominence in the World Wrestling Federation during the 1990s and is often regarded as the first WWF Diva. She was recently involved in a wrongful death, and it appears that we now have an update.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the charges imposed on Tammy. She is being sued for wrongful death by the family of the man who lost his life in that wreck.

The family is seeking, at least, $30K to compensate for the funeral and medical expenses as well as the pain and suffering of the victim’s loved ones. Meltzer then drew a comparison to Owen Hart’s incident where the court was settled for $18 million and said that Tammy’s court settlement is unjustified.

I guess $30K covers the funeral expenses, medical expenses and pain, suffering of the family. I mean that number does sound very very low. You know, forget about that, it’s wrongful death. When Owen Hart died, they settled out a court for $18 million. And the value of his contract was not $18 million. So Tammy and her boyfriend James were both sued. She’s not been arrested, she’s out because they are waiting for the toxicology report for her drug test and alcohol test to come back to see if she was DUI or whatever. She was still driving without a license. Even if she was sober, she was driving without a license. And somebody died. That’s still a manslaughter charge. I don’t know with her criminal record and everything, I don’t know why she’s not in. It’s very confusing to me.


As previously reported, Sytch was involved in a fatal three-car crash. The driver of the vehicle hit by Sytch, identified as Julian Lafrancis Lasseter Jr. of Daytona Beach Shores, was transported to Halifax Health Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Meltzer stated that even if the taxology report comes clean, she was still driving without a license. Given the fact that she was responsible for manslaughter without a driver’s license, she should be in. Stay tuned to get more updates on this developing story.

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Transcription by Thirsty.

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