Johnny Depp’s turn to testify in his defamation trial against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, came on April 19th. In his defamation case against Amber Heard, Johnny Depp refuted her allegations of assault, stating he had never ‘struck anyone in his life,’ but expressed deep regret for the filthy texts he sent.

Johnny mentioned the abusive text messages he sent about Amber on the first day of his testimony, in which he referred to her as “c*nt” and other graphic obscenities. Although some of the things said do bring shame, it was said in the height of pain and passion during a toxic time.

“I am ashamed of some of the references made. I’m embarrassed at the time [of] the heat of the moment, the heat of the pain that I was feeling, [I] went to dark places. If you’re writing, there is no set place that you have to stay in. you can travel. and sometimes pain can be, has to be dealt with humor and sometimes dark very dark humor.”

On April 13th, the texts in concern were read aloud in court. In a text to a friend, Johnny labeled Amber a “c*nt” and expressed his want for her “rotting corpse to be decomposing in the f*cking trunk of a Honda Civic.” While being cross-examined, the friend, Isaac Baruch, wrote off the texts, claiming that Johnny “called me a c*nt in a text.”


In 2013, actor Paul Bettany texted Johnny, “I’m not sure we should burn Amber. She is delightful company and pleasing on the eye. We could of course do the English course of action and perform a drowning test. Thoughts? You have a swimming pool,” To which Johnny replied, “Let’s drown her before we burn her.”

Amber’s legal team charged Johnny with flinging bottles at his then-wife, dragging her “across the floor on the broken bottles and the liquor,” beating and kicking her before allegedly assaulting her with one of the bottles in graphic detail. Amber was in tears in the courtroom.

However. the legal battle between Johnny and Amber began on April 11 when the former lovers arrived at the Fairfax, Virginia courthouse for jury selection. Both wore three-piece suits to the court, maintaining a professional demeanor while their legal teams selected jurors for the $50 million defamation case.

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