The Kardashians keep popping into the headlines for doing things that make the fans angry. Very rarely have we seen them getting into big social controversies regarding serious matters. This time they have been accused of using black people for financial gain.

The LA Times went a bit ham on the Kardashians this time accusing them heavily. The widely successful TV stars have been scrutinized for the show’s unrelatable portrayal of reality. Things took a sharp turn when the author of the article said that they have used people of color to their advantage all their life.

The women’s bi-racial relationships have included a number of black celebrities. Kim and rapper Kanye West, Khloe with Lamar Odom, and later Tristan Thompson and Kylie with Travis Scott are all given as examples. Meanwhile, Kris has also been in a long-standing relationship with business executive Corey Gamble.

The family, who comes of Armenian descent, drew criticism over their mixed-race romances. Ren Ellis Neyra, a Wesleyan University associate professor of African American studies described their dating life in her own way. She wrote in the digital magazine Public Books: “The Kardashians are a prime example of multiracial white supremacy.”


“A commercial enterprise posing as a family, the Kardashians are hell-bent on extracting financial gain from Black people and Black culture, even as they stigmatize, in particular, Black women through their project of multiracial whiteness.”

The Kardashian women have also previously been slammed for cultural appropriation. The girls’ use of wigs and extensions has made headlines as fans called them out for disrespecting the culture. Tons of people have claimed their evolved appearances since 2007 have mimicked black culture.

The toxic femininity, as the article describes, has made them quite unpopular with intellectuals. The superficial nature of the whole family has been called out numerous times in the past. However, pointing out all these wouldn’t make much of a dent in their lifestyle.

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Anirban Biswas

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