The Kardashians have always been known for their privileged lifestyle. The family is constantly embroiled in controversies. The family has recently been chastised for using a disability pass and shutting down Disneyland rides to avoid waiting in line.

Following a recent trip to Disneyland, the Kardashians have been chastised for appearing to shut down rides while other customers waited. On social media, fans have chastised the family, accusing them of using disability passes to avoid long lines at the theme park. On the same day that Kim and Khloe Kardashian brought their kids to the park, a patron captured the reality stars taking selfies on a teacup ride while all the other seats were empty.

“When the Kardashians cut the line, get the ride to themselves and make us common folk wait… typical,” the woman wrote in the now-viral video. While waiting for the famous family to finish the ride, visitors can be seen taking photos of them. Many people slammed the family for abusing their “privilege” and chastised Disney for allowing them to do so in the video’s comments.

Some people, however, pointed out that they might be paying thousands of dollars for this perk as a precaution. “Why is everyone so salty, they are with their children. This is just for their protection,” one user wrote. A fan shared a screenshot of Khloe’s Instagram story with a blue tag attached to a stroller in which her daughter, True, is sitting, in a Reddit post.

It’s unclear what the tag is for, but some people on Reddit speculated that it’s a disability access pass.

“Did anyone notice the blue handicap tag on Khloe’s stroller? My daughter’s friend had a handicap tag (she has CP & is on a wheelchair) when we went to Disneyland which allowed them to skip the lines. They also do not allow this kind of stroller in the park unless you present a medical certificate.”

Disneyland provides several accommodations for guests with disabilities, including an access service that allows guests to request a return time so they can go somewhere else and still return to the ride without having to wait in line. Many people defended the famous family, claiming that no one knows whether or not any of their children have a disability. 

Others pointed out that, while the family was certainly getting some perks, this was also necessary for everyone’s safety in the park. “We don’t know what any of the children or adults have going on medically. So, not good to speculate about health conditions,” one user wrote. “VIP is a privilege but also a security concern,” one user wrote, noting that leaving the family out in the open could cause a stampede. “With their level of celebrity it’s necessary I think to keep them moving along.”

Let us wait and see how they handle this situation. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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