Elon Musk turned the business world upside down when he announced his plan to buy Twitter for $43 billion. Elon Musk may be the richest man on the planet, but he isn’t consuming an enormously large quantity of goods for himself. In fact, he’s kind of homeless.

The Tesla CEO made the stunning disclosure in a TED talk that went viral over the weekend. He defended his multibillion-dollar fortune by claiming that it isn’t as troublesome as some make it out to be because he isn’t spending any of it on or for himself.

Musk claimed that if he were to spend upwards of a billion dollars on frivolous (and environmentally hazardous) things like as a yacht, the criticism would be justified. But he said that’s not how he spends his money, pointing out that he doesn’t even own a house right now.

That’s astonishing enough, but what’s even more unexpected is where he claimed to sleep at night: Elon says he “bums it” and “sofa surfs” with his buddies from all over the world. He claims that rather than staying in his own house, he frequently stays in their spare bedrooms.

This is a 180 degree change from where he claimed to be residing last year while announcing his Texas SpaceX headquarters, where he proudly displayed his 375-square-foot 1 bed. According to what he’s saying right now, Elon may have left that small pad in favor of an even more minimalist lifestyle i.e., no property at all. Another point, Elon claimed that the majority of his money is spent on the greater good of humanity, as proven by the products and technology his firms produce. Check out the video below.

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