Elon Musk offered a hefty sum recently to buy Twitter outright and take the company private. Employees at the social media giant immediately got nervous about the idea of a hostile takeover. Musk has his sights set on making a lot of changes to the site if he can close that $41.4 billion deal.

Musk is under investigation for using the platform to pump up stock prices in his favor. The Tesla boss’ interest in the company seems to have stemmed from the interest of the Securities Exchange Commission wanting to find out more. Elon has called it a “free speech” issue.

The Hollywood Reporter noted that Elon Musk wants to “open source the algorithm” that automatically selects what posts Twitter users do or don’t see. Musk thinks that the current system is fundamentally broken. Musk’s vision for the site seems to be closer to a wild west scene than a well-moderated place to discuss issues.

“If in doubt, let the speech, let it exist. If someone you don’t like is allowed to say something you don’t like, it’s damn annoying. [But] when someone you don’t like says something you don’t like, that is a function of a healthy free speech situation.”

Elon Musk believes Twitter has been suppressing certain dissenting voices. The entire saga is likely a smoke screen to further advance his personal interests. The framing of it as a freedom of speech issue is intended to drum up support.

Whether you support him or not, Elon Musk taking over Twitter would be a big deal. Musk has a ton of changes in mind if he can successfully buy the company. The future of social media hangs in the balance.

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Michael Perry

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