Viola Davis is one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood. She recently landed a role of Michelle Obama in the show The First Lady. Now, Davis’ portrayal of Michelle Obama is being mocked for her constant pursed lips.

The ridicule is over an apparent character choice Viola has made. As people are already aware Michelle Obama is often seen with lips pursed. This particular feature of Viola’s portrayal is now being mocked on twitter.

Although the Showtime series debuts Sunday, some folks on Twitter have already gotten initial glimpses of Viola playing Michelle. Undoubtedly, Viola Davis is incredibly talented. While some praise the performance for authenticity, others think Davis has taken it too far.

Twitter users are questioning why the actress seems to constantly purse her lips on camera. They have observed that Viola is overdoing it. Some even complained that the camera is zooming in on her lips to accent them even more.

A few scenes in particular has drawn a lot of eyeballs. There are plenty of tweets with memes and jokes over Viola appearing to constantly put on an exaggerated duck face while she talking to TV Obama in the scene. It’s unclear if Davis maintains the pursed lips expression throughout the show. We can only be sure when we get to see it.

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Shifa Jahan

Shifa Jahan is a freelance writer from Bahrain currently pursuing her Masters degree in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University, India. She is experienced in Copywriting, Academic Writing and loves to write about pop culture/ entertainment-news. Other interests include theatre, teaching, foreign languages and culture.

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