Hip-hop fans are always on the lookout for persons who look like their favorite performers. It’s not uncommon to see jokes about people who could be a celebrity’s doppelganger. A Fake Lil Durk recently took advantage of his opportunity. It seems real Durk took notice.

If you haven’t heard, doppelgängers are sweeping the board. Many people who look like our favorite celebrities make a profession by appearing in public or putting on shows in which they pretend to be famous. From coast to coast, there are lots of shows with lookalikes, but “Smurkio” is gaining a global following solely through social media.

As his pranks have caused real-life disruption, Lil Durk’s baby-faced duplicate has been making waves online. He recently released videos of his appearance at a mall, when he was surrounded by Durk fans who mistook him for the rapper. All of the internet buzz has piqued Durk’s interest, and it appears that the two have teamed together.

Lil Durk uploaded a clip of what appears to be another visual following the release of the music video for his 7220Gunna duet “What Happened to Virgil.” This time, his lookalike appears in a scenario in which a couple is feuding.

Durk gave “Shmurkio” a new nickname in the caption, and his followers couldn’t stop giggling in the comments section. “PERKIO shooting block list with the genuine Jerry,” the rapper stated about the filming for his song “Blocklist,” adding, “This might be the biggest ish 2022.” Check out the posts below.

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Gunjan Nath

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