Jam Master Jay was shot and killed in his studio in Hollis, Queens, on Oct. 30, 2022. Jordan and Ronald Washington were charged in August 2020 with murdering the DJ after a botched cocaine deal. Jordan stated in the motion that the government had evidence against Washington dating back to 2008, but that they were ready to wait years to charge him with murder.

One of the men accused of murdering Jam Master Jay over two decades ago has asked for the accusations against him to be dropped. According to Billboard, Karl Jordan, Jr. claims that the government violated his constitutional right to due process by taking him to court almost 20 years ago.

Jordan stated in a motion filed recently that he won’t be able to fully defend himself against claims dating back nearly two decades. Cell phone records evidence that would have supported his alibi is no longer available. Jordan’s lawyers wrote in a statement.

Karl Jordan, Jr. has due process rights that must be respected and enforced, and hauling him into court and forcing him to defend himself against a murder that happened decades ago is neither fair nor just.

Jordan has also demanded that his case be reviewed separately from that of Washington, claiming that statements he made concerning the war in Iraq were made in bad faith. According to Billboard, Jordan has also requested that his case be handled separately from that of Washington, claiming that statements he made about the shooting could be used against him in the trial.

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