It was on October 30th of 2002 that the late, great Jam Master Jay was shot and killed in his studio in Queens, New York. Jam Master Jay was of course DJ for the well-known hip-hop group, Run DMC. Now it seems that one of the men charged with murdering the hip-hop star, has proof that he had nothing at all to do with the killing.

Both Ronald “Tinard” Washington and Karl “Lil D” Jordan were accused of the murder. Many are shocked that the case is still an active one. According to federal investigators, Jordan actually did the shooting when it went down and Washington was apparently the cover. The reason for the shooting has been called ‘a dope deal gone bad.’

Many believed that the aforementioned two were cut out of a dope deal by the Jam Master himself. It was 18 years after the killing that the two men were apparently charged, the charge coming on August 17th of 2020, according to

Now though, it would seem as though Karl Jordan Jr. has an actual alibi for the night of the murder. An alibi that could not only clear his own name, but bring down the prosecution’s case overall. Essentially they’d have to start from scratch. If Jordan wasn’t in that studio…then who was? Jordan’s lawyer, Michael Hueston Esq., stated:

“Karl Jordan, by and through his counsel, informs the Government of his intent to present the alibi testimony of: [redacted] and [redacted] to testify that Mr. Jordan was at the home of [redacted] on October 30, 2002, at the same time as the murder of Jason Mizell occurred.”

It’s a massive break for the defense, but as stated, it presents a massive hole in the proceedings for the prosecution. Apparently he was at an associate’s house during the time of the murder and now, the defense will have a witness to testify that Jordan was far away from the site of the murder, and the associate is willing to testify as well once this all goes to trial.

According to the prosecution, Jordan shot his firearm twice. One bullet killed Jam Master Jay and the other, a ricochet, hit Uriel “Pretty Tony” Rincon, who was present in the studio playing video games with Jay. That bullet hit Rincon in the leg.

Others present on that fateful night were Jay’s business partner, Randy Allen and also his sister, Lydia High. According to the aforementioned piece, it was she that buzzed the alleged killers in. There was also present, Michael Bonds and apparently also Jay’s nephew, Rodney “Boe Scagz” Jones. Jordan is also facing drug-trafficking charges from 2017.

Domenic Marinelli

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