Jerry Springer’s long-running talk show became an institution of trash TV in the 1990s and early 2000s. The show became popular because of the outlandish behavior of its guests. Wild arguments, lies, and fights were the order of the day on the Springer Show.

Jerry sees a lot of what he saw in his guests in a certain former President of the United States. Springer believes that Donald Trump acted just like the wild cavalcade of folks who appeared on his show. There is just one major difference that he pointed out.

Jerry Springer talked to Dean Obeidallah on his SiriusXM show recently. Springer said he believes his contribution to society helped lay the groundwork for the rise of Trump. Jerry says the only difference is that his guests had enough sense to not run for President.

“The behavior of some of the people on the show is exactly Donald Trump. They have enough sense not to run for president.

But what made Trump unique, the only thing that separates him from the guests on my show is the fact that he had this delusion he knew how to run the world and run the country, when, in fact, he knows nothing about how you run a country.”

Springer also has roots in the political game. Jerry ran for Congress in 1970 but lost a close race. He was elected to Cincinnati City Council in 1971. Later, he became the 58th mayor of the city. Jerry Springer sees a lot of cultural parallels between his show and the rise of Trumpism. To him, it is all just one big delusion.

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Michael Perry

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