Polo G is no stranger to controversy. The Chicago native was previously arrested on concealed weapon charges. Polo G confessed earlier this month that he nearly overdosed before filming his 2019 music video “Heartless.” It seems his 2021 Miami misdemeanor arrest charges have been dropped.

Polo G found himself in legal difficulties shortly after the release of his Hall of Fame CD. The Chicago-born recording artist was jailed last year for allegedly assaulting a cop during a traffic stop in June, according to TMZ. The cop suffered abrasions to the face and a swollen right cheek, according to an affidavit obtained by the outlet.

According to reports, the cop was injured after taking several blows and elbow strikes to the head while attempting to cuff the rapper. Three of the recording artist’s charges were dropped in November due to inadequate evidence, including two felonies for battery of a police officer and threatening a public official.

The only charge that remained until now was resisting an officer, which is a non-violent misdemeanor that has subsequently been dropped after Polo completed a round of anger management sessions. The “Martin & Gina” singer is said to have just completed a 6-hour anger management course, which resulted in his two counts of Resisting an Officer Without Violence being dismissed, allowing him to move on from the incident.

Polo G was granted a reprieve as part of the Pre-Trial Intervention program, which permits non-violent criminals to have charges against them dismissed after completing approved training. Because the rapper did not plead guilty, he will not be sentenced to probation. Polo is glad to put this behind him and get back into the studio, according to his lawyer, Bradford Cohen, who also took the time to praise Miami-Dade County’s State Attorney for her professionalism.

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