NLE Choppa rose to fame with his 2019 single Shotta Flow, and his fans are very familar with his outlook at this point. He seems to be quite health conscious as he recently tried to give out some health advice to his followers. However, he ended up getting clowned over an unfortunate typo.

The 19-year-old is looking after his health and decided to share some intimate details surrounding his “bowel” movements with his Twitter followers. However, he ended up extolling the virtues of “consistent vowel movements” instead. It probably went unnoticed of him or even if he did he couldn’t correct it as twitter’s edit button is yet to arrive.

In his post after his first mistake, he went on continuing to use the same typo again.

“I’m so healthy I shit atleast 5 to 7 times a day. Consistent vowel movements mean the body is caught up to what’s on the stomach currently, not what’s been bloating in you.”

“Vowel movements often means healing. If you are not using the rest room atleast 2 times a day, not good.”

His followers were quick to point out the error, teasing the rapper. “I also like saying a e i o u 5-7 times a day,” was one response. Others were surprised by the regularity of said movements. “I dont know playa,” one concerned user told NLE. “5 to 7 times sounds like u need to lay off the Chitlins.” The replies were then filled with debates about the appropriate frequency of bowel movements.

Nonetheless, NLE Choppa returned to clarify his comments. “Bowel,” he confirmed. “I was typing fast tryna make this flight y’all know wtf I mean.” NLE then attempted to turn the mistake into a win. “It’s vowel movement from on you heard it from doctor chop first,” he added.

After seeing some of the responses, NLE Choppa came back with more guidance. ”Y’all so brainwashed,” he began. “It’s crazy for every meal you eat your suppose to have a movement for. If you eat 3 times a day and s### once or don’t s### til the next day your gut is unhealthy SIMPLE, PERIOD. The gut is working overtime for the pile up your causing. Truth hurt, I know !”

NLE Choppa has been very vocal about his health journey since July of last year after sharing his interest in herbalism.

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