Maryland rapper Goonew Big Wick was killed on March 18 after receiving bullet wounds in District Heights. The family of rapper Goonew believes that individuals who are condemning the artist’s funeral ceremony should mind their own business. His body was raised up on stage at a D.C. nightclub. According to his family, the service went precisely as he would’ve wanted it.

Patrice and Ariana Morrow, the artist’s mother and sister, told TMZ that when they met with the funeral home, Patrice made it plain that she didn’t want people looking down on her son. After seeing other services do something similar, they wanted him to be propped up on display.

Because he was renowned as the “King of Maryland,” the funeral home decided to put a crown on his head. He was the life of the party and loved to have a good time, so his family understood he wouldn’t want a solemn burial. Ariana claimed her brother made it plain before his death that he did not want to be buried in a suit.

According to the family, the 24-year-old artist did not attend church, so a casket and a suit would have been fraudulent. They decided to dress him in his ordinary attire, as he would have been if he was still alive. His family claimed that individuals who know the former DMV rapper have showered him with love and support.

He was driven by horse-drawn carriage through his neighborhood after the funeral before being interred at the cemetery. Goonew’s memorial service took place at Bliss Nightclub in D.C. on Sunday night, drawing conflicting reactions from the audience. The club has apologized for the incident, claiming they were unaware his body would be displayed.

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