Kourtney Kardashian has been constantly surrounded by pregnancy rumors. As the days go by, the fans have become more suspicious about her pregnancy This time, the fans claimed to have found certain clues about a secret gender reveal party.

Travis’ daughter, Alabama Barker, posted a video on TikTok Live on Sunday. The clip showed a festive event with dancers and beach-themed pink and blue accessories. She also showed off a green lawn decorated with printed rugs, flowers, shells, and pink drapes reported The Sun.

The dancers in the video were wearing blue skirts, white blouses, and traditional headdresses. The whole set looked pretty and adorable. Fans, however, think that this could potentially be Kravis’ gender reveal party. Fans took to Reddit and dove into various speculations,

One Kardashian fan shared screenshots from Alabama’s Live on Reddit and wrote: “Potential Kravis gender reveal?” They noticed Kim’s daughter North was there with her hair in “pink” braids. Similarly, Kourtney’s daughter Penelope’s hair was “blue”.

One also pointed out that: “I watched Alabama’s TikTok and I think this was a luau they attended in Hawaii.” Another fan said: “I just saw Alabama’s video. I thought the same. She points the camera to a backdrop set up that’s pink and blue and says ‘anyways.’ That’s what made me sus.” Neither Kourtney nor Travis have shared any videos from the party that Alabama filmed.

With more material like this on the internet, it’s hard to refrain from speculations. With the passing of time, the clues get more relevant and rigid. If this is actually a gender reveal, we would hopefully get to watch it on their latest show, The Kardashians.

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