Kim Kardashian is no stranger when it comes to being critiqued for everything she does. This time she served the fans up something fresh. The reality star is now being accused of stealing her sister’s spotlight.

Kourtney made Kardashian history on Sunday night when she became the first of the famous family to attend the A-list awards show. The reality star attended the Oscars with beau Travis Barker who was performed onstage at the awards as part of the All-Star Band. However, fans think her sister, Kim wanted the spotlight on her.

Although Kim Kardashian did not attend the Oscars, she did make a typically scene-stealing entrance at the afterparty in a blue skintight gown. Kim stunned in a turquoise garment, which featured cut-out details at the back and a long, dramatic train. Naturally, Kim’s critics weren’t so pleased with her appearance and accused her of trying to outshine her older sister.

“Upstaging?” one user asked on Reddit, while sharing a photo of Kim’s bold outfit. A second user agreed by commenting: “Kim’s dress is a lot nicer than Kourt’s.” Another user commented to say, “This is the Oscars*. The f**ng OSCARS. People are getting f**ng STYLED, Kim.”

While Kim’s outfit was certainly scene-stealing we are certain she did not do it to outshine her sister. In fact, Kim Kardashian is very supportive of her sisters. The Kardashians are one team.

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