Cardi B is a long-running online sensation who has been on the rise for several years. Fans are always interested in what is going on with Cardi B and they keep their eyes on her every move. Cardi B was recently enraged by a fan’s tweet, which prompted her to send a scathing tweet.

The WAP rapper has a reputation in the industry as well as among the fans. Cardi B was outraged when a fan named Drakewoo tweeted something nasty about her. According to Drakewoo, Cardi B has lost passion for her profession. This was in reference to skipping the Grammy Awards and not putting out a new album since 2019.

“Your job is literally music and it’s just like you don’t care about it anymore you’ve been saying you have a album on the way since 2019 girl pleaseeeee.”

This tweet was flooded with comments, supporters slammed Brakewoo, while several even agreed to it. The tweet made cardi B furious which prompted her to write a harsh Tweet.


“Bitch suck D*ck and go do some homework the fuvk.”

Drakewoo’s tweet was met with a barrage of criticism directed solely at her. Cardi B or Drakewoo, who do you support? Let us know in the comments. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

Cardi B later deleted her Twitter account. Only time will tell if she returns, but Cardi was not in a good mood today.

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