The Game and 50 Cent have a lengthy history together, from their 2005 joint hit “Hate It Or Love It” to their most recent social media fighting session. The Game is definitely on a roll, and his beef with 50 Cent has resurfaced.

Though it all started with The Game’s comments on Drink Champs regarding 50 Cent and Dr. Dre, things quickly escalated when a viral video of Jimmy Iovine and The Game crossing paths without acknowledging each other at a basketball game surfaced. When The Game retaliated, Fif’s harmless taunting became into digital warfare.

Before admitting that Fif’s girlfriend, Cuban Link, was once in his DMs, the Compton MC made fun of Fif’s weight. Cuban Link asked about being a “video girl” for one of The Game’s videos in the screenshot. In an attempt to irritate Fif, the Game purposefully omitted the DM’s date.

Cuban Link, on the other hand, put an end to any speculation that she was ever disloyal to 50 Cent. “… Naa what… Not from 2015 when everyone wanted to be a ‘ViDeO giRl !!’ You irrelevant f*cking bozo,” she tweeted. “You thought you ate with that one.”


Despite shutting down The Game’s attempt to stir the fire, some fans dug through the archives to discover past tweets from Cuban Link from 2014, in which she gushed over 50 Cent’s arch-nemesis by calling him “handsome.” Some have urged her to remove the post, although her original response to the Game indicated that she likely no longer feels the same way about him.

It seems like this drama might continue for all parties involved. Keep checking back with Thirsty for more.

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