Rick Ross never fails to do things that are out of the box and this time he has bought a fire truck. It looks like what Rick Ross wants, he gets.

On April 1st, Rick Ross posted on his Instagram to show off his brand new purchase- a fire truck. he wrote, “I just bought a fire truck, you feel me?” This was no April Fools’ Day joke either.

Rick then continued to speak about what made him buy a fire truck. “Growing up in Carol City, when the ice cream truck came down the street, we used to jump on the back of the ice cream truck and hold on. Fire trucks used to drive by all the time,” he says in the clip.

Speaking of the emergency vehicles Rick saw as a young boy, he said, “I always wanted to ride on one of them. So guess what? I bought a fire truck. It’s going down!”


The truck also has a plaque on it that says it’s from the U.S. Department of Navy from 1968. “And yes, it runs. Of course it does,” Rick Ross said. “We ain’t playing no games … my collection is unmatched.”

Ross dropped several videos of his new truck. The fire truck is only a new addition to his collection of hundreds. He also got his license last year and revealed that his truck will be put on display at his upcoming Rick Ross Car & Bike Show on May 21st.

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Sanchari Ghosh

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