Kanye West is often called a genius due to his unmatched musical talent. The recent controversy over Kim Kardashian and Pet Davidson’s relationship has given Ye a bad image. However, Ye still has plenty of fans and friends by his sad to appreciate him like Rick Ross.

Ye’s new Netflix documentary proved he is quite extra-ordinary. Now, Rick Ross is letting the world know that Kanye is a Genius. In addition to this, Ross is standing by Kanye West’s side amid all the drama.

The “Hustlin” Rapper made an appearance on the “Full Send” podcast. He was asked whether or not he thought Kanye was “acting crazy.” The question was a bit too direct and problematic but Rick Ross handled it well.

Ross went forward with a diplomatic answer but stood by his friend none the less. The rapper noted that he believes Kanye has always been like this, and that it is no cause for concern. “Nah he not losing his mind at all,” Ross said. “Because if you felt he was losing his mind now, it would have been lost 15 years ago. Homie always been a genius. I believe he’s just really going through his thing with his family.” 


Ross went on to say that Kanye is doing what he believes is right. He commended Kanye’s authenticity by announcing will never critique Kanye for it. West found himself suspended from Instagram after backlash over him “bullying” Pete Davidson. Ye has returned now, though in a much more limited capacity.

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