Piggy is an up-and-coming rapper out of Cleveland, Ohio, The “Go Fren” recording artist has the sweetest sound and if you love the City Girls, then you will probably love Piggy. She recently met with an unfortunate gunshot incident. Piggy has now provided an update on her health.

After getting caught in the crossfire in Cleveland, Piggy ended up in the hospital. On March 26, a shooting at Cleveland’s Medusa Restaurant and Lounge injured the rapper and numerous others. Piggy updated her Instagram with information about her healing journey.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share this WITH y’all or not but I’m too loved to be having y’all worrying. IM STRONG BUT ITS GON BE A PROCESS . … but one thing fasho & a million things fa certain is GOD & BIANCA don’t play about me!!! But I just want yall to know I’m feeling better each and everyday and I really appreciate all of the love prayers and kind words I needed that!! @badguwrlbianca if I don’t know nothing else I know you always gon have my front & imma always have yo back no questions!! PS them n–s still some h-’s and did the job sloppy!

In an interview with AllHipHop, Piggy has discussed the dangers she has encountered in Cleveland. She grew up fighting and she was a fighter. Piggy grew up seeing people get killed, a typical hood story basically.


Piggy got caught up in the mix a lot. She was also a smart girl who graduated high school and won over $40K in scholarships. People here from Thirsty wishes her a speedy recovery. Check out her Instagram post below.

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