Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka began dating in 2004, and announced their engagement in June 2011 following the passage of New York’s Marriage Equality Act. In September 2014, the couple married in Italy. The couple recently celebrated their 18th anniversary since their first date.

Harris and David have been together for nearly two decades. On the 18th anniversary of their first date, the couple shared some sweet tributes to each other while reminiscing about the night their relationship began.

“Our first date was 18 years ago today. And David Burtka, I am not about to let you go,” Harris wrote on Instagram. “Happy anniversary,” he added, sharing a photo of them hugging while on vacation in Ecuador. “Thank you for showing me the capacity of my heart. I love you so much.”

Burtka posted a photo of the two of them standing in front of the ocean. “Today 18 years ago we had our first date…. The date turned into a night, the night turned into a weekend and the weekend turned into 18 years!” he wrote.

“We always celebrate the first date- because for 7 years of our relationship it was against the law to get married….@nph I will love you over and over again year after year. I have so much love yet to give you. Relationships are tough, and work, thanks for working so hard and for putting up with me. Here’s to another 18!!”

“I love you. Thanks for being the best dad/friend/husband anyone could wish for…” Harris commented on the post. In November, the How I Met Your Mother alum told People about watching their “amazing” children grow up. “It happens faster than the people that say that it happens so fast,” he said. “I’m always their biggest champion and inspired when they push themselves in any way. So, I’m very proud of both of them.”

We hope their love grows stronger by the day. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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