Francesco LoPresti was a popular and well known Tiktok star who was best known for his prank videos with her girlfriend Kaitlin Reagan. The TikTok star has reportedly died at the age of 24. Girlfriend Kaitlin Reagan is mourning the death of her boyfriend Francesco LoPresti.

The TikToker’s girlfriend Kaitlin Reagan shared the news with fans on March 30th. She revealed that she and his family were still processing his death. Francesco LoPresti died on Monday, March 21st after a battle with cancer. He has been battling cancer for years.

She posted a tearful video on Tiktok to let fans know about his death. “@cescolopresti I love you unconditionally and I feel so broken. I know you want everyone to know how much their love and support filled your life, so please let his voice be heard” she captioned the post. “I promise to share your messages one day. You and I against the world forever. Thank u for a true love story.”

Kaitlin told the fans how much they meant to the TikTok star, and thanked them for all their support.


“I’m really sorry, because my goal was for you guys to watch him ring the bell, but the cancer took his life and Francesco passed away on Monday March 21. He loved you guys so much, and he loved everything that you guys did for him and just watching our videos and standing with us, and I thank you for that.”

Francesco had 743k followers on TikTok. Kaitlin shared that she’d be taking some time away from the app to grieve her boyfriend’s loss. She however encouraged fans to celebrate Francesco’s life by re-watching their old videos.

Kaitlin and Francesco started dating in 2013. They were on and off for nine years. Battling cancer is not easy but it is sad to see a young life end so quickly. We offer our sincere condolences to his family.

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