Blac Chyna caused a stir on social media recently when she claimed on Twitter that she was a single mother who didn’t receive child support from any of her baby dads. Of course, the first two people who comes to mind are Tyga and Rob Kardashian, who have a strained relationship with Blac Chyna these days.

In fact, Tyga dropped some facts on Chyna in the comments section of The Shade Room, revealing that he sees his child for the most of the week. This sparked outrage on the internet, with some mocking Chyna for effectively becoming a babysitter. Even Kardashian eventually got involved in the drama, claiming that he is in a similar predicament to Tyga.

Many people have been waiting for Blac Chyna’s reaction to the whole thing. After all, she’d just been publicly outed, so you’d think she’d respond forcefully to what her children’s fathers stated. As it turns out, she didn’t do anything like that. Instead, she replied to a tweet about the ordeal and tagged Tyga.

@tyga lol


Blac Chyna’s family problems have been well-known throughout the years. Blac Chyna has had to defend herself against Internet criticism several times, because to her mother’s problems and her co-parenting relationship with her children’s fathers. Needless to say, Chyna isn’t happy with all of the attention, but for the time being, she doesn’t appear too upset about it.

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