Keanu Reeves might be ready to settle down. The Matrix actor was spotted browsing rings at the jewelry store. He has been with his current girlfriend for more than four years so it does seem like a good time to propose.

Keanu does not discuss much about his private life with the media. However, he was seen browsing rings at the jewelry store at Irene Neuwirth on Melrose Place in the West Hollywood area. The shop carries a variety of diamond rings. Several of Irene’s rings are set with the gemstones tourmaline, moonstone, opal, garnet, emerald, chrysoprase, tanzanite and aquamarine.

According to DailyMail. Keanu was taking his time to check out the various sparkling baubles which included diamonds, pearls and aquamarine. The John Wick actor wore a black jacket, gray scarf, worn-in blue denim jeans, and brown work boots as he carried his KR motorcycle helmet with one hand.

Reeves may be ready to propose to his girlfriend of over four years, artist Alexandra Grant. The Matrix star has never been married before. Keanu is known for his kind, calm and composed demeanor. So, one thing is for sure, he could never hurry a proposal.

The timing seems fitting. Reeves’ girlfriend Alexandra is having a birthday on April 4. According to an eyewitness, Keanu spent about 40 minutes in the store where he was also attended by a store clerk. 

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Shifa Jahan

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