There was a time not so long ago when Teen Mom’s Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer were the best of friends. Forged in the fires of teenage motherhood and all the challenges they faced, it seemed like their friendship was rock solid. However, a rift between Lowry and the show in recent weeks may have also been the beginning of the end of her friendship with Messer.

The pair now are trading barbs on social media. Lowry recently made a post on social media that fans are sure is aimed at Messer. The latest few posts by Lowry mentions ‘narcissists’ and seems to be aimed directly at Messer’s heart.

After the pair’s friendship turned lukewarm, it appears things are now on fire between them as they no longer hold back. They however haven’t openly addressed the ongoing tensions. The pair keeps creating cryptic social media posts that appear to be aimed at one another, but no names mentioned of course.

Lowry shared a text image earlier this week on her instagram story.


“Narcissists never want to discuss what they did, they only want to discuss your reaction to what they did. They are experts at turning everything around and making it your fault”.

Lowry also updated her story with another quote on March 28th.

“A normal person can’t just turn love off – but a narcissist can turn it off as easily as they turned it on because showing love is a tool they use to manipulate and fool people”.

Messer hasn’t been taking her former BFF’s fiery messages lying down either. According to The Sun earlier she also posted a cryptic quote about how the ‘past is dead to me.’

“Always grateful for the lessons I’ve learned along the way. However, my past is dead to me. I only care about my future and right now”.

Kailyn also unfollowed Messer earlier last week. In between two BFF’s feud Jenelle Evans shared an tweeter post to update on their situation, making her intension unclear. We now have to see how Messer responds next. Will she drop another probable quote or may be this time she will address directly? Only time will tell on that one. Keep reading Thirsty for more updates.

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