Fabolous has been haunted by a traumatic experience from 2018. The Rap legend was arrested in March of that year after an alleged violent incident with Emily B., his longtime companion and mother of his children. At the time, there were various reports surrounding the event, and video footage of Fabolous and Emily’s father shouting outside of a home rapidly went viral.

Before apparently striking a plea deal in 2019, Fab faced four felony counts of domestic abuse, and he and Emily have been happily in love ever since. The internet reacted quickly after Fabolous spoke out about Will Smith and Chris Rock.

We’ve all heard about the Academy Awards slap, in which Smith slapped Rock after making a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith. Fabolous praised the comedian for his calm demeanor. Fab took to his Twitter and weighed in on the Oscars incident but fans were there to slam him in return.

Chris Rock is a real professional cuz ain’t no way.. ain’t no way bruh [crying laughing emoji].


The message went viral, garnering over 150K likes on its own, but with the love came criticism about Emily B.’s reported event. The public hasn’t forgotten about Fab’s scandalous headlines and following case, but he hasn’t responded to any of his detractors. Take a look at the tweets below.

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