Elon Musk recent dropped an Eminem reference to fire back at the FCC. He’s having quite a lot of fun with that to this day.

A short while, we noted, Elon Musk recently made an Eminem reference while opposing SEC. He has chimed in again on the subject yet again, pointing out the tweet he made earlier.

Elon Musk replied to a tweet that talked about his latest reference Eminem’s popular song, Without Me. In his response Musk said that him and the Detroit rapper are identical with a few differences.

“I mean we’re basically identical – a few differences maybe …”


Back in Nov. 6, 2021, Musk’s tweeted, asking his followers if he should sell 10% of his Tesla share to settle tax liabilities. Which is still being investigated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Hence the ongoing legal skirmish involving him.

Musk’s self comparison with Eminem might make his legal battles more tough. Eminem has been quite a controversial rapper throughout his career and Musk using Em’s lyrics in response to SEC doesn’t make it any easier on him. But we’ll see what becomes of it.

The lyrics from Eminem’s 2002 song “Without Me.” that Musk used, were rapper’s shot at US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), who fined radio stations for playing his popular song, “The Real Slim Shady,” because they deemed it offensive. It seems Elon relates to him as he finds him in a similar position for opposing authorities.

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Bhupen Dange

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