Dr. Mehmet Oz is best known for his hit eponymous show, “The Dr. Oz Show.” The TV personality previously gained spotlight after he announced his run for senate. It appears, he’s once again on the news, but for all the wrong reasons.

Dr. Oz is a “heart doctor without a heart” for some of Dr. Mehmet Oz’s longtime staffers. They are describing the way he abandoned them in order to run for Senate. The show’s longtime staffers are depressed and seething after he abruptly ended his show to run for Pennsylvania’s open US Senate seat.

Insiders told Page Six, “People who have worked for him for [13] years are now scrambling for work and are furious that he’s left them in a lurch financially after they worked their asses off for him for so long,” Dr. Oz’s show was pulled from several markets due to the Federal Communications Commission’s “equal time” rule.

The rule requires candidates to the ability to request matching air time as rivals on broadcast TV stations. Dr. Oz eventually quit the show entirely to run for office in the senate. Another source told the outlet he “blindsided everyone” at the show and most people found out about his run from the media.


It was abrupt. No one had a clue. There was supposed to be another season. It was picked up, so that was almost two more years of guaranteed work that’s just gone like that,”

A third insider described his behavior as “heartless and selfish,” and revealed that “people have been depressed,” about the situation. The insider added, “They’ve lost jobs and they’re losing health benefits. No health benefits after working for America’s doctor for 13 years.”

“No one was prepared for this,”

A source claimed that Oz’s staff feel he could’ve at least left them with severances or bonuses “to thank them or help them through while they search for another job, but he just dropped a bomb and they were loyal,” Another source does believe that Dr. Oz “genuinely wants to help people,” by running for U.S. Senate, but found irony in how he “f*cked his staff over to run.”

“People stayed with him for a long time and now everyone is f–ked. It’s hard to find work,”

Meanwhile, we will be on the lookout for more updates. We’ll have to see if Dr. Oz returns to television if his political run goes flat. Stay tuned to Thirsty.

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