Doja Cat is one of the hottest pop acts in the industry right now and it is not hard to see why. She worked hard to make a name for herself and has garnered a huge fan following. Doja Cat is also one of the most desirable artists as well. Now it seems she is making an abrupt exit.

If you didn’t think Doja Cat was a superstar in her own right, you were probably proven incorrect by the outpouring of love for her after she announced her intention to quit. Following an awful tour stop in Paraguay that was cut short due to a storm, fans saw this as a sign of early retirement.

Doja expressed her gratitude for all of the opportunities and experiences that have come her way throughout her career on Twitter a few days later. Fans saw the flurry of tweets as a sign that she would not be retiring after all. However she offered conflicting signals when she hinted differently. Now it seems she confirmed that she’ll retire.

Mix 105.1 tweeted: “maybe Doja isn’t retiring.”


Doja Cat retweetd, saying: “Yes the f-ck i am.”

Doja had previously gone back and forth with her fans on social media. She told them she was done with music and told them to unfollow her. Fans were stunned, especially because many had had booked tickets to see her on tour with The Weeknd this summer. Hopefully, everything is fine with Doja Cat and she does not retire anytime soon. Check out the tweet below.

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