Will Smith accosted Chris Rock over bald Jada Pinkett joke. The internet-breaking moment is trending all around the globe. However, it seems sarcasm has become a permanent attribute of Chris Rock’s characteristic as he jokes about the circumstance again.

Chris Rock is too funny. He laughed off Will Smith’s Oscars’ slap joking backstage, according to the Los Angeles Times. “Just got punched in the face by Muhammad Ali and didn’t get a scratch” he said.

The 57-year-old funnyman had clearly been shocked when he was socked at Sunday’s show. He said from the stage “Will Smith just smacked the s— out of me”. After trying to compose himself he called the smack “the greatest night in the history of television” then made light of it again backstage.

He was overheard making the Ali joke, the paper said. He was referring to Smith’s starring role as the legendary late boxer in a 2001 biopic. Smith’s role as Ali for which he said he underwent two years of extensive training in the ring to be able to look like the Greatest soon became a subject for memes and jokes about Sunday’s shocker.

“So disappointing that Will Smith played Muhammad Ali but he couldn’t even knock out Chris Rock” comedian Michael Ian Black tweeted.

British TV presenter Bryn Lucas also suggested that “the biggest question from the Oscars was how did Will Smith, an actor who trained as a boxer when he played the role of Muhammad Ali, not knock out Chris Rock with his right hook?!”.

A popular meme also shared a still from the slap saying “Gonna tell my kids this was Muhammad Ali and George Foreman”.

While Rock has not filed a police report the incident sure feed as a great amusement for the internet and will be in continuous talk for sometimes. Keep looking at Thirsty for More.

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