Lil Durk and Memo600 have been feuding for a while now. Memo600, who is affiliated with OTF, signed with Wack100 last year. Wack100 also happens to be 6ix9ine’s business partner. Memo600 is a member of Lil Durk’s Only The Family (OTF) collective, which 6ix9ine has previously dissed. OTF has many beefs, including with NBA YoungBoy, but there is also a problem within the organization with Memo600. It’s all complicated with rap beefs, but things could have turned bit ugly recently.

Lil Durk allegedly set Memo600 up to get him robbed for his chain. A beating was also said to be part of the process. A popular opinion is that Durk had enough with Memo600’s clout chasing and finally decided to do something.

According to the story first reported by Death Of The Clout Chaser, Lil Durk allegedly called Memo600 and said he wanted to fight, but when Memo pulled up to slide, things went a bit wild. More people were there than expected. Guns were drawn, but none were fired. In the process, Memo600’s chain was allegedly snatched.

THF Zoo later went live on Instagram and flaunted a chain that looked a lot like one Memo600 rocked. Memo is denying that this took place, but he did not explain the chain in that live video.


Lil Durk is definitely a cold-blooded guy, but he is also a #1 best selling rapper. Smurk has not commented on this story yet, but we’ll pay close attention to his lyrics for a future reference.

Durk is on his way to unprecedented heights, and he has no plans to stop. Over the course of his ten-year career, he’s gone from the streets of Chicago to the Def Jam offices, and now to the helm of the OTF empire. You can also check out reports from Poetik Flakko and Tavie below which further detail the event and provide video.

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