The beef between Lil Durk And NBA Youngboy has taken to the center stage as things escalated quickly. This time Durk has posted billboards all across YB’s hometown to taunt him.

Lil Durk seemingly hit back at YB by giving him a taste of his own medicine. According to reports from DJ Akademiks, billboards saying “Durk Better” have started to pop up in YB’s native Louisiana. The motive of it being installed is to taunt the rapper as YB continues to insult Durk, OTF, King Von, etc.

YoungBoy’s fanbase earlier took to social media-based comments sections with “YB Better” declarations. This time Durk has done the same thing but on a larger scale. The billboards include an OTF logo, seemingly promoting the rapper’s upcoming album, 7220.

The “Durk Better” was done up in the same graphic text style as the 7220 album cover. That record drops on March 11th, and Durk dared anyone to drop on that date in an attempt to squash him.


The dangerous beef between the two popular rappers has included many violent threats on both sides. NBA YoungBoy is rumored to be considering releasing a new full-length album on the same date as Durk to steal his thunder. There are also chances of new disses in their respective music releases.

Most recently, DaBaby and Memo600 got into it after the OTF-allied Memo accused the former. He said that DaBaby was only using YB to take his career back after being “canceled” last year for his homophobic comments. Baby replied and dissed Memo, also saying that Durk is “waving a white flag” in his DMs.

Both the rappers have played their cards and we have yet to see any more shenanigans from any of the parties. However, music might be the only way to get in each other’s minds to finally take the win.

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